What is the current project status?

VetGeo is a new cloud vet management system

The software is created by a team located in Sweden and lead by Oliver Dolan

The current release is FREE!

Stay up to date with the latest release and announcements on Twitter:@vetgeodotcom.

PLEASE NOTE – Frequently Updated (Usually every 2/4 weeks)

We are aiming to build the largest veterinary connected platform on the planet.

We hope to improve the lives of all animals by allowing for collaboration and transparency throughout the industry.

You can find more information on our releases and any issues previously identified within the project page here:


Who pays the hosting for the free software?

The software hosting is funded in Stockholm Sweden.

Who develops the software?

The software is developed by a number of people all over the world but is lead byOliver Dolan.

Is there a contingency plan in the event of system failure and recovery is needed?
The software is regularly snapshotted, which is very similar to how a camera works in that the whole system is captured at a single moment in time and stored for later.
In the unlikely event that the project is chosen to end then a dump of a clinics data will be available to them for a period of time to allow for migration to a new system.
Is installation of software and other hardware provided?
Currently no other software or hardware is required all software runs on the web server and is delivered through the API to web browser or apps.
This means we only need to support one platform which makes managing the project easier for us.
We plan to add integration with partners and have already started talks with IDEXX, ANTECH and some others on what is feasible.
Are updates to software automatic?
Software updates are completely automatic, this might sound scary but by having all of our users on the same version of software it means our efforts can go to supporting and maintaining one single piece of code which is more effective for us and ultimately allows for us to provide you with a better experience.
Is the system able to import lab results directly from the laboratory into the medical record?
Currently we don’t support this but investigation has begun to find out how we can support this, you can always store the results manually in the medical record.
The reports, apps and medical record section of the VetGeo application will improve a lot throughout 2017.
What are some of the office functions that come with the software?
The main features so far would be:
  • The strongest calendar offering in the industry
  • Take online bookings
  • Integration with paypal
  • Employee client and supplier management
  • Animal medical records
  • User roles
  • Notifications
  • IOS app
  • Android app
  • Free for use
  • Product actively supported
  • Actively maintained with regular releases
  • Your data is always exportable through our API
  • Customer invoices
  • Employee holiday and calendar management

Is all information saved on the computer, or is it cloud-based?

All the information is stored securely in a database which is part of the snapshots we take. The data you store is always accessible by you through our comprehensive API so you can export all your data whenever you deem suitable.

We don’t really like software lock ins as that generally limits innovation and its part of Swedish culture to value transparency so as its your data you should be free to export it whenever you wish.

Who founded VetGeo?

Oliver Dolan was the founder and currently leads the project.

Do you have an iPhone app?

Yes an iPhone/iPad app is in the final stages of appearing on the app store.

Do you have an Android app?

Yes an Android app is in the final stages of appearing on the app store..

The application is not available in my language what can I do?

The VetGeo application now supports translations into every language chosen by the users. If you wish to help the project out by translating it to your local language then that would be a great help to the projects goals.

Currently we have volunteers working on translation into:

  • French
  • Spanish – Due May 2017
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian

If you wish to help as a volunteer please email:


I have another question not listed here

Please email admin@vetgeo.com we would be happy to help you.

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